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Artist Daily / Article - 11 months ago

The Zen of Traveling with Art Supplies

FOR THOMAS SCHALLER LESS IS MORE WHEN IT COMES TO PACKING FOR TRAVEL and PLEIN AIR PAINTING Like most people traveling for work, I sometimes feel as if I live on airplanes, so packing for trips has taken on added significance. I confess to being slig...

Artist Daily / Article - 1 year ago

A Sucker for Architecture

Watercolor Art and Architecture of the City Arches, towers, doorways, bridges and vaulted ceilings — I love all aspects of architecture and engineering. And it was through these things that I first started to appreciate plein air painting. Before, w...

Artist Daily / Article - 1 year ago

7 Tools for Texture in Watercolor

Creative, Sharp and Experimental Ways of Painting Jaimie Cordero is a fearless artist. She builds drama in luminous tropical abstracts through creative compositions, sharp value contrasts and experimental color schemes. Learn some of her secrets and...