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Artist Daily / Article - 11 months ago

The Friendship That Changed Art

He would deny it publicly, but Jackson Pollock owed much of his rhythmic, energetic style to Thomas Hart Benton. by Emily Esfahani Smith At first glance, Thomas Hart Benton (1889– 1975) and Jackson Pollock (1912–56) make an odd pair. Benton, the sop...

Artist Daily / Article - 1 year ago

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Edgar Degas

Taking It Beyond Ballerinas and Corny Jokes For many art lovers, the 19th-century French artist Edgar Degas’ legacy begins and ends with ballerinas. But the reality is there is more to know about this sculptor, painter, printer and draftsman besides...

Artist Daily / Article - 1 year ago

Emoji Day: Art History Edition

Recognize the Famous Artworks Behind the Emojis? From Grant Wood’s greatest hit to Munch’s tense figures to Renaissance masterpieces, can you identify these famous artworks when they are creatively enhanced (read obscured) by a few strategically pla...